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I have a list of addresses with postcodes, which I need to display on a map (pin point).

So far I know to use co-ordinates to show pin points on map with core-location framework. Is there any other way of doing it? Like getting co-ordinates from address or use address to show pin points on map?

The main purpose is to calculate distances between locations.

Please guide me here. Thanks

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To create an annotation from an address you need to use CLGeocoder's method geocodeAddressString:

let address = "5th Avenue, New York"
let geocoder = CLGeocoder()
geocoder.geocodeAddressString(address) { (placemarks, error) in
    if let placemarks = placemarks {
        if placemarks.count != 0 {
            let annotation = MKPlacemark(placemark: placemarks.first!)

If you only want to get the coordinates for the location:

        if placemarks.count != 0 {
            let coordinates = placemarks.first!.location
  • Thank you..will try this now. – kimti Jul 20 '16 at 8:10

Here is the simple code snippet that shows how to show the pin on the map for the given array of address.

let geocoder:CLGeocoder = CLGeocoder()

for eachAddress in addressArray {
    geocoder.geocodeAddressString(eachAddress) { (placemarks:[CLPlacemark]?, error: NSError?) -> Void in
    //Assuming it has the data without any error
    let placemark = MKPlacemark(placemark: (placemarks?.first)!) 
  • Thank you for your answer – kimti Jul 20 '16 at 9:25

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