I have PowerShell script and part of it counts the number of lines in a file. If the file has lines it is ok, but if it has no lines it it doesn't show anything in the count value - I need it to show zero.

#Count the number of lines that we have so far for KNOWN error_4 types
if (Test-Path $path\known_error_type_4.log) {
  $error_4_measure = Get-Content $path\known_error_type_4.log | Measure-Object
  $error_4_count = @($error_4_measure).Count
  echo "Known Error_4 Type Line count is  : ${error_4_count} lines"

I've tried put put it into an array with @() as that should return something but I suspect that I've gone slightly wrong but I cant see it.


Put the array subexpression operator @() around the Get-Content statement instead and inspect the Count property:

$error_4_count = @(Get-Content $path\known_error_type_4.log).Count
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