I am not able to unlock the page in touch UI editor. Created simple template and page component. There is no code inside the jsp . I am able to lock the page but when trying to unlock page, getting JS in console(please see attached scree shot). It is working fine with geometric template,

Step to produce. create simple template and component as below tempalte1

template 2

enter image description here

create a page out of this template open the in touch ui mode.

lock the page

Now try to unlock the below. see the console by pressing f12. below error is displaying.

enter image description here


Try to see first the error.log located in your environment, for instance: AUTHOR_INSTANCE_DIR/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log.

This may provide more information about the issue. You should validate that you are logged in as an admin or at least you are the owner of lock, you can do this by going to the CRXDE Lite, and in the jcr:content node of your page you have to see jcr:lockOwner property with your username.

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