Using md-colors from angular material, is it possible to set the background to white without defining a custom white pallet?

I thought I could use the grey pallet because the documentation says:

background - grey (note that white is in this palette)

So I tried doing

<div md-colors="{background: 'grey-50'}">

but grey-50 is still only a light grey colour, not white.

I tried <div layout-padding md-colors="{background: 'white'}"> but the white pallet doesn't seem to exist in angular material. I get the error angular.js:13711 mdColors: couldn't find 'white' in the palettes., because there is no white pallet.

Is there any way to access the white colour from the grey pallet? ( a hue, opacity etc.)

If not, is there any way to access a white colour from any other pallet using angular material?

If all else fails I could define an entire white pallet/theme and use that, but I would rather avoid doing that if there is a correct way.

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You can find all palettes and their colors in the source in the theme file.

It should be A100 but I have not tried it.

<div md-colors="{background: 'grey-A100'}">

You can try giving opacity at your grey-50. Somtehing like this:

<div md-colors="{background: 'grey-50-0.1'}">

(where 0.1 is the opacity)

Full documentation: https://material.angularjs.org/1.1.2/api/directive/mdColors


You can also take a look of Sander Elias colors and hues using md-colors found in this plunker. It demonstrate the result of the color class name both for the foreground and background. Hope it may help.

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