This application is made with Easeljs, to work in HTML5 canvas.

I want to be able to draw different kinds of arrows on the board. I tried inserting arrows as images and then making them draggable and resizable, but that made these images pretty ugly.

To illustrate:

Field to draw on

Field to draw on

Dashed arrow

Wobbly arrow

Lightning arrow

Straight arrow

Curved arrow

Arrows to draw on the field

The functionality should be as follows:

  • Click on the button
  • Draw a line
  • At mouseup event: convert line into corresponding arrow
  • Arrow should be draggable and resizable

How would I get this result?

  • Does the EaselJS package support SVG images? If so, that might be a solution to try. SVG images will scale and rotate without the ugliness I assume you experienced with a bitmap image. – Matthew Kiefer Jul 21 '16 at 19:45
  • It only supports SVG as an image source. You could use the Graphics vector format, and export a few arrow types from Adobe Animate. – Lanny Jul 21 '16 at 20:07

You can fairly easily draw arrows using the Graphics API. I spent about 20 mins making this demo:


var w = startX - endX;
var h = startY - endY;
var lineLength = Math.sqrt(w*w+h*h);

// Logic to draw to the end. This is just a straight line
arrow.lineTo(lineLength-arrowHeadSize, 0);

arrow.graphics.drawPolyStar(lineLength, 0, arrowHeadSize, 3);

// Rotate
arrow.rotation = Math.atan2(h, w) * 180/Math.PI;

Drawing it straight and rotating it is the easiest way to add effects to the line. The demo I posted draws a sort of sine-wave like one of your examples. There is some more magic in there to make it the right length, etc.

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  • Thank you! I will try creating the arrows I need using your code. – dnwjn Jul 26 '16 at 19:45

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