I have a web page with a tab control taking up a portion of the screen. The tabs are shown/hidden using *ngIf and comparing the selected tab against an enum. Thus the components are destroyed / created every time the user changes tabs.

Usually this is fine, but one of the tabs contains a Bing map. Every time the tab is selected the map control is reloaded - causing the map to briefly display the current IP location until the desired location and pins are loaded (a fraction of a second later).

The only way I was able to get around this was to stop using *ngIf for that tab and instead set a custom style:

.hide { height: 0px; overflow: hidden; }

So far this appears to work great, but I am concerned that this will give rise to bugs down the road.

Is there an angular2 blessed way to hide a component without destroying the component?


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    Maybe, You should use [hidden]="!myVar" approach in order to hide the element instead of destroying it. – Jesus Angulo Jul 21 '16 at 20:21

The [hidden] property is what you are looking for. It more or less replaced ng-show / ng-hide in Angular2.

Find it in the offical docs or see their code sample here:

<h3 [hidden]="!favoriteHero">
   Your favorite hero is: {{favoriteHero}}
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  • Both [hidden]="" and "display:none;" have the same issue - the map code appears to be unable to configure the map. From what I read, the Bing map should be visible when configured and then hidden afterwards. [blogs.bing.com/maps/2012/02/23/…. – JALLRED Jul 21 '16 at 20:38
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    Hmm, I see. 1) The link doesn't seem to work. 2) Your question may be a bit misleading. It is actually not about "ngIf" and "destroying components" but much more about the specific requirements of the Bing map. I'd propose you start a new question making clear the particular issue with Bing. Perhaps you can even provide a plunkr for your case? – Matt Jul 21 '16 at 20:49

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