I am trying to use click.tigger() to change the mode of the template to editable. Problem is I have a image gallery inside this template that I don't want click.trigger to fire on.


<div click.trigger="enableEdit()">
    <response containerless></response>


       <gallery></gallery> <-- I want this to still be able to fire
       <button click.trigger="save()">save</button> <-- I want this to work as well but they wont with "enableEdit()" above attached.


attached() {
    const carousel = new Flickity(this.gallery, {
      cellAlign: 'left',
      contain: true,
      lazyLoad: true,

Once I click the trigger it does work and enable edit. The gallery is using a Plugin called Flickity. Above I show how I instantiated it.


Consider putting the click binding on a sibling element. Avoid stopping events from bubbling because it can make your code brittle/not-portable.

A quick fix would be to inspect the click event's target. Find out if the click originated from your gallery element or one of it's children.

<div click.trigger="enableEdit($event.target)">
  <response containerless></response>
enableEdit(target) {
  if (target.nodeName === 'gallery' || target.closest('gallery') !== null) {
    // it's the gallery element or one of it's children... get out of here...

note: Element.closest(selector) isn't supported in Internet Explorer yet. Use a simple polyfill to be safe.

  • That $event.target is jquery no? Is there a vanilla approach to passing over the target or grabbing the target? – allencoded Jul 21 '16 at 21:22
  • 1
    $event is an aurelia property you can bind to in delegate and trigger bindings that will give you access to the DOM event that was fired. – Jeremy Danyow Jul 21 '16 at 21:23

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