For example, I have

button = Button(label="0", type="success")

When this button is selected, I would like to change the label to "1", and vice versa. Is there a simple way to achieve this?

edit: RadioButtonGroup seems to be the widget I need. It doesn't seem to have a title attribute though. How can I position text next to the widget?


To change the label on a Button use a callback with the .on_click:

b = Button(label='0')

def changeLabel(button):
    if button.label == '0':
        button.label = '1'
        button.label = '0'

b.on_click(lambda : changeLabel(b))

Instead of using the lambda function you could use global b inside of changeLabel:

b = Button(label='0')

def changeLabel():
    if b.label == '0':
        b.label = '1'
        b.label == '0'


The second one is easier to understand, but I prefer the first version. They do the same, in the end.

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