I have just set up a new exhange 2010 multitenant server with all roles installed. When logging into the outlook web access and trying to create a email i get the error "Rights management operation failed."screenshot showing error with additional details I have tried disabling IRMenabled to false as can be seen in the next screenshot and restarted IIS but still get the error screenshot showingIRMEnabled disabled

I have rebuilt ther exchange server twice but on both occassions got this error any help would be much appreciated.


Rehan Miah

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Open the exchange management shell as administrator and try this:

Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity "Contoso\owa (default Web site)" -IRMEnabled $false

PS: Replace Contoso with your exchange server name!

Hope it helps u good luck


I no longer had the original server that the error was on as i had given up waiting for a solution having posted my problem on forums.
Today i tried rebuilding the server following all the exact same steps that i have documented. The only thing i can think of that was probably giving me the rights management operation failed error on the previous server was probably the date was most probably incorrect as i had read this on another forum.
I had already tried disabling IRMEnabled previously but that did not resolve my problem at the time. So anybody else getting this error. if disablying IRMENABLED does not resolve check to to ensure the date is correct on the server first.

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