There are some special design document functions, like updates and validate_doc_update besides of views and lists functions; where our functions are get executed upon specific events by issuing a single document per call.

I wonder if we can fetch another document within a single update function, like so:

  updates: {

    "hello" : "function(doc, req) {
      if (doc.type === 'example') {
        otherDoc = fetch(doc.relatedDocId)
        doc.relatedDocName = otherDoc.name 
        return [doc, 'Hey Hey...']

Point is I want to use a fetch(documentId) like function in order to update some other documents based on current document information.

  • I wanted to give you the perfect answer but I could not. Here a few options that you might think of. 1. Client-side logic 2. Using CommonJS modules 3. Having a custom handler (your own plugin) – Alexis Côté Jul 23 '16 at 14:47
  • best option might be a custom handler (but I would loose 3rd party DBaaS functionality). second, I may implement a client-side logic. I can not imagine how CommonJS modules fit in this problem though. – ceremcem Aug 12 '16 at 16:12

When a document is updated, there is no way in CouchDB to automatically update a second, related document. You may want to implement a worker listening to the changes feed and perform such updates there.

  • If this is the case, I should implement a client-side logic with db/_bulk_docs, since the worker process might fail which would suddenly cause the database (hence the application) to get into an inconsistent state. – ceremcem Aug 12 '16 at 16:14

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