I want to show a background image/loading spinner inside a div that will load an image inside of it, the image will show once it's fully loaded doing something like this:

   <div style="background-image:url('imageThatWillAppearBeforeLoad')"></div>

Demo (In jQuery)

How can I have the same using Angular2/Ionic2?


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Create a component that shows the placeholder image until the requested image is loaded, and hides the requested image. Once the image is loaded, you hide the placeholder and show the image.

  selector: 'image-loader',
  template: `<img *ngIf="!loaded" src="url-to-your-placeholder"/>
    <img [hidden]="!loaded" (load)="loaded = true" [src]="src"/>`
export class ImageLoader {
  @Input() src;

See it working in Plunker.


Now that I understand the requirements better, here's a solution with background image. It's a little hacky, and I like the original one better...

  selector: '[imageLoader]'
export class ImageLoader {
  @Input() imageLoader;

  constructor(private el:ElementRef) {
    this.el = el.nativeElement;
    this.el.style.backgroundImage = "url(http://smallenvelop.com/demo/image-loading/spinner.gif)";

  ngOnInit() {
    let image = new Image();
    image.addEventListener('load', () => {
      this.el.style.backgroundImage = `url(${this.imageLoader})`;
    image.src = this.imageLoader;

Updated plunker.

  • Your code is working fine, but for my case as I've posted, I've a <div style="background-image:url('imageThatWillAppearBeforeLoad')"></div> that contains an image in background, I've tried to tweak your code to match the div I have but It didn't worked, Is it possible to make it work as a div ?
    – Folky.H
    Jul 24, 2016 at 13:19
  • For what I achieved so far I guess that (load) does not work for some reason! Because I've replaced the img with div, etc... when I go to check the DOM, I see hidden which means that loaded = true was not applied for some reason, what makes me even sure that there is an issue with (load) is that I replace it with (click) then I place it in the placeholder div and it worked! So, do you have any idea why (load) didn't worked?
    – Folky.H
    Jul 24, 2016 at 13:33
  • It didn't work because divs don't have an onload event... This is why I made the component that way. Jul 24, 2016 at 13:34
  • Does it have to be a div? Do you need the requested image also as a background-image, or can that be a img element? Jul 24, 2016 at 13:36
  • It needs to be a div not img
    – Folky.H
    Jul 24, 2016 at 13:39

Here is a copy of one of my posts

I finally solved that problem with CSS! When an image is loading in ionic 2, the ion-img tag doesn't have any class. However, when the image is finally loaded, the ion-img tag get the class "img-loaded".

Here is my solution :

  <ion-img [src]="img.src"></ion-img>

And my CSS :

.img-loaded + ion-spinner {

Simply use this function

loadImage(element: HTMLElement, imagePath: string, spinnerPath: string) {
  element.tagName === 'img'
    ? element.setAttribute('src', spinnerPath)
    : (element.style.background = `url(${spinnerPath}) 50% 50% no-repeat`);
  const image = new Image();
  image.crossOrigin = 'Anonymous';
  image.src = imagePath;
  image.onload = () => {
    element.tagName === 'img'
      ? element.setAttribute('src', imagePath)
      : (element.style.background = `url(${imagePath})`);

You don't have to worry about your element is image or div or whatever it is?

example if you didn't figure out how to use it

ngOnInit() {
  const myElement = document.getElementsByClassName('my-element')[0];
  // or however you want to select it.
  const imagePath = 'path/to/image.png';
  const spinnerPath = 'path/to/spinner.gif'; // or base64 spinner url.

  this.loadImage(myElement, imagePath, spinnerPath);

Happy coding 😉

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