I have a recycler view in a fragment that contains an image. I implement OnImageCLickListener that after click on image, a full screen dialog fragment opens and shows the image. now I want to implement shared element transition between my image in recycler view and the full screen dialog of my image in dialog fragment, I also want shared element support pre Lollipop.

How can I do it?

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At first you have to get the exact position of clicked imageView pass it to the fragment: To get position you can use this:

 int[] location = {0,0};

and to pass it to your fragment you can use this:

Bundle bundle = new Bundle();

and get it in your fragment by this:

locationX = getArguments().getInt("locationX");
locationY = getArguments().getInt("locationY");

Note: To get that position, dont use methods like view.getTop(), view.getRight(), etc ever. Now you need a simple animation like this in your fragment OnCreateView:

float factor = ((float) (Utils.getWidth(getActivity())) / ((float) (pictureWidth)));

    viewPager.getLayoutParams().height = pictureHeight;
    viewPager.getLayoutParams().width = pictureWidth;

                .translationY(Utils.getHeight(getActivity()) / 2 - pictureHeight / 2)
                .translationX(Utils.getWidth(getActivity()) / 2 - pictureWidth / 2);}

It also supports pre-Lollipop too.

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