I have this code in a website:

<div id="1234">
text I want to extract
text I don't want to extract

I'm using this IMACROS code, but it extracts both texts:

TAG XPATH="id('1234')/li[1]" EXTRACT=TXT

I was trying to use text() at the end but get an error.

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For your Specific case Shugar's code with some tweaking will work. Split \n and extract [1] :

TAG XPATH="id('1234')/li[1]" EXTRACT=TXT
SET !EXTRACT EVAL("'{{!EXTRACT}}'.split('\\n')[1];")

If you want a more General approach you can get li[1] and split by content of span at [0]:

TAG XPATH="id('1234')/li[1]" EXTRACT=TXT
TAG XPATH="id('1234')/li[1]/span" EXTRACT=TXT
SET !EXTRACT EVAL("'{{!VAR1}}'.split('{{!EXTRACT}}')[0];")
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I suggest just adding one more line in your code:

TAG XPATH="id('1234')/li[1]" EXTRACT=TXT
SET !EXTRACT EVAL("'{{!EXTRACT}}'.split('<span>')[0];")
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  • this would work if the extracted text would contain <span> in it, however it only brings up: text I want to extracttext I don't want to extract – Lukas Morkunas Jul 23 '16 at 13:09
  • You're right! That was my fault. (In such cases I prefer to use EXTRACT=HTM.) – Shugar Jul 26 '16 at 6:29

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