I have several LESS files that are all imported into one master file (styles.less). My problem at the moment is: when I make a change in one of the child files I have to save style.less to compile it to CSS.

Is there a way in which I can ask less to monitor the child files but only compile the parent?

Cheers, Ad

  • are you using the ruby version? with rails and the more plugin? – hellvinz Oct 4 '10 at 10:01
  • Using the ruby version but not on a ruby site … if that makes sense. – Ad Taylor Oct 4 '10 at 10:10

I found a solution for MY problem but it would be great for most.

As I am on a Mac I istalled less.app ( http://incident57.com/less/ ), it uses less.js to compile the less for you. As of a couple of days ago they added a new feature:

NEW FEATURE: "backwards @import parsing." If you have a file, X, that imports another file, Y, and you make changes to Y, X will now automatically recompile when you save Y (if auto-compile is on). This feature is automatic; there's nothing to turn on or hook up. You'll see "triggered by: X" in the compiler result when it happens.

Turns out it works very well indeed. Hope this helps someone!


I've hacked a bash script called lesswatch (it doesn't support "backwards @import parsing") that uses watchdog to listen for file change events and lessc to compile to CSS. I wrote a short blog post about this today.


There's a fork of less.js that watches file changes and even all files included via @import (like the accepted answer above):


The author of less.js does not want the --watch option of the old ruby version, so this fork may be your best option for now. Through node.js it can run on all platforms.


You can use this nodejs script and do the same thing.

node less-watch-compiler.js FOLDER_TO_WATCH FOLDER_TO_OUTPUT


It skips watching files with names that starts with underscore or a period.


If you use Mac, I currently use less.app from Code Kit http://incident57.com/less/

It works really well.

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