In a postgresql database, with slick 3, what's the best way to have pagination?

  • get all rows and do pagination with scala (seems not very efficient) ?
  • static query with limit and offset?
  • is there any other way?

You can use take and drop methods on TableQuery objects. They will be translated to limit and offset in the resulting SQL query:

val users: TableQuery[UsersTable] = UsersTable.query

val firstPartOfUsers  = users.drop(0).take(25).result
val secondPartOfUsers = users.drop(25).take(25).result

Those two actions will be translated to the following SQL queries:

select "name", "email", "id" from "users" limit 25 offset 0
select "name", "email", "id" from "users" limit 25 offset 25

I agree with @Pawel and I think following example is more detailed as you want:

object Paging {
    case class PageReq(
                      page: Int = 1,
                      size: Int = DefaultPageSize,
                      sortFields: Option[List[String]] = None,
                      sortDirections: Option[List[String]] = None) {
      def offset = (page - 1) * size

    case class PageRes[T](items: Seq[T], total: Long)


UsersDao {
    val users: TableQuery[UsersTable] = UsersTable.query

    def findBySomeParam(params: A, pageReq: PageReq): Future[PageRes[User]] = {
        .map { r =>
            PageRes(items = r.slice(pageReq.offset, pageReq.offset + pageReq.size), total = r.size)

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