I am very new to spark. I am trying to pull the date and the error message from the following error log

Nov 11 09:44:53 www httpd[1933]: [error] [client] (36)File name too long

Nov 11 09:49:38 www httpd[2728]: [error] [client] (36)File name too long

Nov 11 10:14:23 www httpd[4530]: [error] [client] (36)File name too long

Nov 11 10:15:24 www httpd[4630]: [error] [client] (36)File name too long

Nov 11 12:05:07 www httpd[12062]: [error] [client] (36)File name too long

This my script which I have used in scala shell

val inputfile = sc.textFile("hdfs://localhost:8020/kirthi/errorlog.txt")

val elog = inputfile.map(line => (line.substring(0, 6),line.substring(65, 83)))


This is the output am getting but it's not as expected. The message is not completely pulled in all the tuples. Since the length of each line of log varies.

 Array[(String, String)] = Array((Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,)File name too lon), (Nov 11,)File name too lon), (Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,6)File name too lo))

But I want the output as posted below

Array[(String, String)] = Array((Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,File name too long), (Nov 11,File name too long))

If I increase the length of the substring, I am hitting with an array out of bounds expectation error.

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    This more of a regex question than a Spark question, – marios Jul 23 '16 at 20:23

One obvious way to parse text would be using Regular Expressions, of course. In this case, assuming the structure of these log records is always something like:

<date: MMM dd HH:mm:ss> www httpd[<number>]: [<level>] [client <IP>] (<number>)<text>

You can use something like:

val regex = "(\\w+ \\d+) [0-9:]+ www httpd\\[\\d+\\]: \\[\\w+\\] \\[.+\\] \\(\\d+\\)(.+)$".r

which matches this structure and will capture the date part and the text at the end, for example using pattern matching:

val elog = inputfile.map { case regex(date, text) => (date, text) } 

P.S. This isn't really a Spark question (you got the Spark part right, assuming you're OK with collecting all the data from the cluster to your driver application).

  • Thanks Tzach,It works fine. But could you please explain me if need to pull this ip [client] can I use the same regex as above and also please let me to how to map the same, what is need to use instead of (date,text). Thanks – vasan Jul 24 '16 at 18:03
  • Sorry, it doesn't really work that way (you shouldn't add new questions in comments...), read a bit about using regular expressions in Scala and you'll be able to figure it out: scala-lang.org/api/2.11.5/index.html#scala.util.matching.Regex – Tzach Zohar Jul 25 '16 at 5:44

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