I have several long stories which for which the source audio is sentence-by-sentence audio files. I would like to create a web page where one could listen to individual sentences of a particular story many times, or listen to the whole story from start to finish.

To start, my web page has many <audio> elements, each of which is in a <p> with the corresponding text. Each of these <audio> elements corresponds to a single sentence of the story.

I was about to start coding up a javascript object which was going to allow some sort of "play all" functionality, you'd click the button and it would play audio[0], when that finished, audio[1], etc. It would also have a 'pause' button and keep track of where you were, etc. This way the individual sentences could still be played or enjoyed because they each have an audio element. Or, one could use my "play all" buttons at the top to treat the sequence of audio elements as if they were one big element.

Then I started asking myself if there's some better/easier/more canonical solution here. One thing I thought of doing would be to cat all of these individual audio files together into a big audio file and perhaps create 'chapter' <track> elements. Is this preferable?

What are the pros and cons to each approach? Is there some out-of-the-box solution already made for me which I simply haven't turned up?

  • Your question is similar to this: stackoverflow.com/questions/18274061/… – Sayed Rafeeq Jul 25 '16 at 6:21
  • Similar, but not the same. That question asks whether it's possible to control more than one audio element with javascript. I think it's clearly possible and I see how to do it (more or less). My question is whether this is a good idea. Or, perhaps more to the point, whether it's a better idea than catting my audio files together and creating some sort of chaptering system. Or, whether there's some third solution I'm missing here. – JawguyChooser Jul 25 '16 at 6:25

You could use the ended event to play the next sound when the previous sound completes (Playing HTML 5 Audio sequentially via Javascript):

var sounds = new Array(new Audio("1.mp3"), new Audio("2.mp3"));
var i = -1;

function playSnd() {
    if (i == sounds.length) return;
    sounds[i].addEventListener('ended', playSnd);

I use javascript to solve the problem, using Audio objects and a setInterval. Below an example:

  var sndLetItSnow = new Audio("audio/letItSnow.m4a");
  var sndSanta = new Audio("audio/snow.m4a");

  var playlist = [sndLetItSnow, sndSanta];

  var current = null;
  var idx = 0;

  function playSound() {
      if (current === null || current.ended) {
          // go to next
          current = playlist[idx++];

          // check if is the last of playlist and return to first
          if (idx >= playlist.length)
              idx = 0;

           // return to begin

           // play


  setInterval(playSound, 1000);

For more documentation on Audio object you can visit this page:


I hope this help!

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