Ctrl+P of Sublime Text lets me find a file from all project files.

However, there are too many duplicated names. I’m looking for a shortcut key like Ctrl+E in Eclipse, so that I just need to find the file in my opened file. That would save a lot of key striking. Probably called “sidebar filter”?

Does not matter if it’s 2 or 3.

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Sounds easy to implement just select Tools >> Developer >> New Plugin... and add the content:

import sublime_plugin
import os

def _show_name(name):
    return ([os.path.basename(name), name] if name
            else ["untitled", "untitled"])

class ShowBuffersCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):
    def run(self):
        window = self.window
        views = list(window.views())
        show_entries = [_show_name(v.file_name()) for v in views]

        def on_done(index):
            if index == -1:

        window.show_quick_panel(show_entries, on_done)

Afterwards save it into your Package/User folder and add this (or an other keybinding) to your keymap:

    "keys": ["ctrl+e"],
    "command": "show_buffers"

(Tested on ST3)


There is in Sublime Text a useful function called Goto Anything. You can access this by pressing Ctrl + P in Windows, and then you can search through any file located in a current project (to open a project, enable the sidebar, and drag and drop a folder from the explorer to the sidebar).


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