Usually when I use VS Code, very first thing I do on new document is command: "Toggle Word Wrap" or Alt+Z. I tried looking into User Settings, but I didn't find any relevant entries. Is there some way to have text wrapping 'on' for every document by default?


The setting is now "editor.wordWrap": "on" which I set to "on" (the default is "off") and that activates word wrap on all my documents in Visual Studio Code.

See the release notes about Word Wrap changes for more info.


Have a look at the setting editor.wrappingColumn (see the docs for more information)

Update 2017-04-06:

Recently the setting changed (see here) to editor.wordWrap with several options:

We therefore decided to deprecate editor.wrappingColumn (with its -1, 0, >0 cases) in favor of editor.wordWrap.

Here are the new word wrap options:

editor.wordWrap: "off" - Lines will never wrap.
editor.wordWrap: "on" - Lines will wrap at viewport width.
editor.wordWrap: "wordWrapColumn" - Lines will wrap at the value of editor.wordWrapColumn.
editor.wordWrap: "bounded" - Lines will wrap at the minimum of viewport width and the value of editor.wordWrapColumn.

  • Hey! Thank you for this answer, it works almost as I expect, but there is one issue with this solution: it breaks lines at fixed point, regardless window size, which is not consistent with Word Wrap mode. What I'm really looking for is to actually trigger this word wrapping. If it will turn out impossible I'll accept this answer. – Yakuza Jul 25 '16 at 9:03
  • 1
    Did you try setting it to 0, as the docs say "Setting this to 0 turns on viewport width wrapping (word wrapping)" – DAXaholic Jul 25 '16 at 9:04
  • My apologies, I focused on "-1" value and missed "0". Works perfectly! Thanks! – Yakuza Jul 25 '16 at 9:35

Version 1.32.3

If you don't want to edit any files you can just turn it on under user settings:

Code > Preferences > Settings > Text Editor

Type "wordwrap" in the search or scroll to bottom of the list just before the cursor section. You'll see it as "Word Wrap / Controls how lines should wrap."

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