I know there are similar questions, but I've tried and can't find where the error is.

I want ot setup Basic authentication to access a webservice in tomcat, developing in netbeans 7.4

So the webservice is in the URL MyWebservice for example so I can get the WSDL if I browse to http://localhost:8084/MyWebservice?wsdl if there is not Authentication setup.

So I've put in tomcat-users.xml:

<role rolename="webservicerole"/>
<user username="wsuser" password="wspwd" roles="webservicerole"/>

And in the web.xml:


Now if I browse to http://localhost:8084/MyWebservice I got a http 403 error, If I quit the Basic auth in web.xml I got a correct web page showing info about ports etc on the webservice url address.

What (sure obvious) error I can't view???

I'm pretty sure I did something similar with DIGEST authentication inside a directory sometime ago and it worked perfectly.



Your rolename is incorrect. It should be:

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  • Thanks!!! I was sure it was a silly fault but as long as I review the xml I cant find the error, grrrrr. Thanks!!! – z80 Jul 26 '16 at 6:35

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