Is it possible to have maven provide default values for missing environment variables? If so, how?


I have properties files with placeholders to environment variables, like this: my.property=${env:ENVIRONMENT_PROPERTY}

Running maven (edit: not like this mvn ... -DENVIRONMENT_PROPERTY=some_value) if the environment variable is set in the OS makes it resolve the property placeholder with the given value. But if the environment variable does not exist, the value is blank.


I would like the environment variables to have a default value. If the environment variable does not exist it should be given a default value that would be specified in the pom or some properties file or whatever.


The property placeholders have to point to an environment variable.

  • First for what purposes are those env variables? Which make your build env dependent..? – khmarbaise Jul 25 '16 at 14:44
  • We are in a transition to deploy with Docker, which uses environment variables. But for local development we are not quite there yet, and a regular maven build is more flexible there. – neXus Jul 25 '16 at 14:52
  • Hm..if you deploy with Docker than the build should produce all artifacts for all environments? – khmarbaise Jul 25 '16 at 15:05

The maven resources plugin is your friend. It should already run as part of your build. But it does not filter resources by default. You have to configure that:


Then configure a filter:


Put the default values you want into that file. Given the precedence of properties in maven:

(1) command line (2) settings.xml (3) pom.xml (4) filters

The properties in your filter file can act as what you want to have as defaults.

For a proper explanation of filters, consult the official documentation: Filters under the maven-resources-plugin ! (It's here)

  • Thanks, the precedence of properties shared by you helped me. I had to use environment specific filter-values-${env}.properties. I also had to support normal build command without -Denv=dev filter for daily builds, as I used to do earlier. I ended up setting default value as a property in pom.xml itself. Only when I need other values, I supply it via command line. – ramtech Feb 20 '18 at 11:12

I used the felix fileinstall plugin (org.apache.felix.fileinstall) This allows the following notation:

${env:ENVIRONMENT_PROPERTY:-default value}

This will take the value from the ENVIRONMENT_PROPERTY and if that is not set, it would take "default value".

If you want to take the default values from maven properties, you need to use the ${dollar} hack:


where dollar is a maven property that is resolved to a dollar symbol (<dollar>$</dollar>) which turns into a delimiter when combined with the { bracket.

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