I have column names like this


And I am trying to write a simple INSERT with dapper (SQL Server 2014). For the Id and Test I am writing an anonymous object to put into the param but I wasn't sure whats the best way to take a 120 length int? array and insert it into the columns beginning with H

Where index 0 goes to H01_1 and index 1 goes to H01_2 ... etc

I don't want to have to write SQL that says

H01_1 = @H01_1,
H01_2 = @H01_2,

And then also have to make an anonymous object that does

H01_1 = array[0],
H01_2 = array[1],

One thing I can do is insert just Id and Test and then go back and do an UPDATE on that record. But I am still in the same scenario I was before where I don't know the best way to write an UPDATE in dapper without writing things out 120 times.

  1. If it is possible to change your datatable structure then only follow below design

    In your table you have more number of column and find out that your assigned ID as primary . So instead of using above data structure use below ..

ID                 test          column                            value                                  
01               xyz           H01_1                           val_H01_1 
  01               xyz             H01_2                         val_H01_2  

Assign group primary key for ID,test and column..

  1. If it is not possible for changing structure . Then create a XML from your front end data and create Stored procedure like below to excute it . If you go through with http://www.itworld.com/article/2960645/development/tsql-how-to-use-xml-parameters-in-stored-procedures.html then you will get idea.
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  • I cant change the structure, and I wanted something that was more straight forward than making 120 variables in dapper. XML is a more complicated solution – LearningJrDev Jul 25 '16 at 18:12

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