I have solution for Stored Procedures creation exactly like in this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/15171900.

I am running


in my Initial DbMigration.

My sql scripts have code to first drop existing SP and then create new updated SP. So whene I run


in new DbMigration, and logic inside SP is changed everything works fine.

The problem arise when I want to update Stored Procedure with columns (lets say IsActive) which were added to model in later commits, and I am updating without existing DB (so new DB is created). Then It fails with

Invalid column name 'IsActive'.

Any good solution to that other than removing all existing calls to


and have it only in newest DbMigration.


Separate your stored procedures from your model creation by doing your stored procedure updates in the migration Seed() method which runs after all the migrations:


Since this runs with every update-database, you will need to make the script idempotent by adding an existance check to the start of Create_sp_DoSomething:

IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type = 'P' AND name = 'sp_DoSomething')
    DROP PROCEDURE sp_DoSomething

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