I'm trying to create a directory search and replace function in vimscript using fzf. The place where I block is when trying to use Alt-a fzf binding to select the whole list. I'm not even sure if that is possible given fzf is an external process but I may be wrong.

Here's my current function.

function! CWDSearchAndReplace()

    " Try to get word under cursor else prompt user for a word
    let wordToReplace = expand("<cword>")
    if wordToReplace == ""
        call inputsave()
        let wordToReplace = input("Replace: ")
        call inputrestore()

    " Prompt for replacement
    call inputsave()
    let replacement = input("Replace \"" . wordToReplace . "\" with: ")
    call inputrestore()
    execute "Ag " . wordToReplace

    " =====>  Here I'd like to execute Alt-a followed by <CR>

    execute "cdo %s//" . replacement . "/gc"
end function

Thanks for your help!

  • Where do you get that Alt-a from? Are you talking about fzf or fzf.vim? Why so many third-party tools in your function? – romainl Jul 26 '16 at 6:01
  • fzf.vim. Ag is part of fzf.vim and cdo is now part of vim. Alt-A comes from fzf.vim docs and is hardcoded because of the way fzf is used – Felix D. Jul 26 '16 at 12:44
  • A handy and fast way to search and replace across files is to use vim-ripgrep for searching, and quickfix-reflector to save any edits in the resulting quickfix window. – jasonjonesutah Jun 23 '17 at 6:16

As pointed out by the creator of fzf.vim, there is no need to use fzf here, one can simply use ag.

function! s:ag_to_qf(line)
  let parts = split(a:line, ':')
  echo parts
  return {'filename': parts[0], 'lnum': parts[1], 'col': parts[2],
        \ 'text': join(parts[3:], ':')}

function! AgToQF(query)
  call setqflist(map(systemlist('ag --column '.a:query), 's:ag_to_qf(v:val)'))

function! CWDSearchAndReplace()
    let wordUnderCursor = expand("<cword>")
    call inputsave()
    let wordToReplace = input("Replace : ", wordUnderCursor)
    call inputrestore()
    call inputsave()
    let replacement = input("Replace \"" . wordUnderCursor . "\" with: ")
    call inputrestore()
    call AgToQF(wordUnderCursor)
    execute "cdo %s/" . wordToReplace . "/" . replacement ."/gc"

nnoremap <leader>r :call FileSearchAndReplace()<CR>

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