In reference to this question, I'm trying to frame the connection string to connect to MySQL database with the following connection parameters, but I'm unable to get it right.

I've referred the documentation that the post is referring to, but I'm unable to resolve even after following the instructions. Can anybody help me in this regard?

Connection Parameters that are being used:

  • useOldAliasMetadataBehavior=true
  • useUnicode=true
  • characterEncoding=UTF-8

Normal connection string: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3307/databaseName

Adding these connection parameters and their corresponding values, how would the connection string be?

  • Usecase that I work, adds or drops the connection parameters - Hence I have to change the connection string based on the need! Jul 26 '16 at 8:09

According to the reference documentation, it would be:


However, the standard port is 3306 not 3307 like in your question.

  • You've got a valid point!, whereas I have two versions of MySQL installed, hence used 2 ports for these! Jul 26 '16 at 8:17
  • Just thought it worth mentioning. Jul 26 '16 at 8:18
  • Thanks for the info @Arthur Noseda, your comment definitely helps others! Cheers! Jul 26 '16 at 8:20

Just stitch parameters like a url, eg:


If your connection string is being held in an XML or properties document, you need to encode & as &, like this:

  • 2
    You need to encode this if the connection string is being held in an XML document. Not otherwise. There is nothing about XML in the question.
    – user207421
    Jul 26 '16 at 7:54
  • 1
    Also jdbc:MySql: is not the prefix of the MySQL driver, that is jdbc:mysql: Jul 26 '16 at 8:00
  • @MarkRotteveel jdbc:mysql: can be written in uppercase. it doesn't matter
    – TTCC
    Jul 26 '16 at 8:15
  • @EJP Yes, you're right. But in my work, I always adhere to do that even the connection string is not being held in an XML or properties document, which is still not wrong.
    – TTCC
    Jul 26 '16 at 8:18

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