Marion's fiddle, which perfectly shows multiple distinct points for multiple series.

Following this, I'm trying to implement the same in my fiddle.

I have 2 Name fields PaidDataAxis and DeniedDataAxis

I'm returning series based on this only:

customizeSeries: function(seriesName) {
  if (seriesName === 'PaidDataAxis') {
    return {
      axis: 'paid'
  } else {
    return {
      axis: 'denied'

MarkerType which is a tagField is not required.

Both the series along with their points are getting rendered. However, I see that the points are overlapping.

How to avoid series points overlapping in dxChart in this case?

There's something stupid I'm doing, but unable to figure out where.


The solution in such case is to apply min on valueAxis and/or argumentAxis

valueType: 'numeric', //for staying safer
min: 0,

Without which, dxChart will try to automatically calculate axes' scale

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