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Only the part which is $this->link->query($query) I understand that link is the member variable of the class Database but don't understand what is happening when $this->link->query($query) executes? help, I am a novice at coding

My whole code:


class Database
    public $db_host=DB_HOST;
    public $db_user=DB_USER;
    public $db_pass=DB_PASS;
    public $db_name=DB_NAME;

    public $link;

    public $error;

    public function __construct()


        // Call connect function



    private function connect()
        $this->link= new mysqli($this->db_host,$this->db_user,$this->db_pass,$this->db_name);

            $this->error="Connection Failed";
            return false;


    public function select($query)
        $result=$this->link->query($query) or die ("Query could not execute");



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    I'm not grasping the question here. What's the "problem"? It works or it doesn't? Or, you want to know "how" it all comes together? – Funk Forty Niner Jul 26 '16 at 15:29
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    Uh, it runs the query and returns a result? – Jay Blanchard Jul 26 '16 at 15:29
  • problem is that I don't understand how "$this->link->query($query)" is working. I am accessing "$link" member variable using "$this->link" but don't understand what "$this->link->query($query)" is? – Pranav Raj Jul 26 '16 at 15:31
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    and Stack isn't a tutorial site. There's enough out there for you to learn. If nothing is "broke", then there's nothing for us to "fix". – Funk Forty Niner Jul 26 '16 at 15:37
  1. $this is the current Database object you are using.
  2. -> calls a method or member of that object
  3. link as you pointed out is a member of Database which just happens to be another object of mysqli.
  4. query($query) is a method of link.

So you are calling mysqli query. Where the param $query should be your sql

  • Thanks! Thanks a lot! I know Stack Overflow isn't tutorial site but you just cleared a major confusion. – Pranav Raj Jul 26 '16 at 15:48

$this->link is a database connection object, and it has a method called query() for doing database queries and returning a mysqli result object. The query() method takes an SQL string. So one way to invoke it would be:

$result = $this->link->query("SELECT * FROM table WHERE 1") ;

It's very common to use a variable instead of a string literal in calls to mysqli query():

$sql = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE 1" ;
$result = $this->link->query($sql) ;

In the case of your code, the variable containing the SQL string is called $query, which can be kind of confusing, especially since $query isn't defined anywhere that I can see.

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