Is there a way to move files with firebase.storage()?

Example: user1/public/image.jpg to user1/private/image.jpg


There is no such way to move to other location, rather you can download and then put it to other reference and deleting the previous location.


Since Firebase Storage is backed by Google Cloud Storage, you can use GCS's rewrite API (docs) or gsutil mv (docs).

Also, an example of move (docs) in GCloud Node follows:

var bucket = gcs.bucket('my-bucket');
var file = bucket.file('my-image.png');
var newLocation = 'gs://another-bucket/my-image-new.png';
file.move(newLocation, function(err, destinationFile, apiResponse) {
  // `my-bucket` no longer contains:
  // - "my-image.png"
  // `another-bucket` now contains:
  // - "my-image-new.png"

  // `destinationFile` is an instance of a File object that refers to your
  // new file.
  • Is there a way to use this solution combined with the firebase's storage rules? – felipepastorelima Jul 28 '16 at 9:57
  • 1
    Currently no, but in the future we may allow service accounts to be subjected to the same rules that third party authenticated users are. – Mike McDonald Jul 28 '16 at 16:27

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