I'm looking for a package to use in my project to compress some XML files. I usually use WinRAR to compress files, and I think you can do this using the 7-Zip project and this can be included in a .NET project.

This is a similar Stack Overflow question, 7-Zip (7za.dll) .NET wrapper

and the The Code Project example is C# (.NET) Interface for 7-Zip Archive DLLs.

I particularly want something simple to use with a good compression ratio. The example provided only extracts files, and I don't particularly have the time to implement and test the compression.

(GZipStream isn't good enough, it compresses my 10 MB file to 9 MB, and WinRAR compresses it to 0.5 MB.)

So, I'm after a library or package (I don't care if it costs) which I can include in my project which allows me to easily compress and decompress files that has a good compression ratio and is easy to include and use.

  • WinRAR is going to do better than any ZIP based package because RAR is a superior algorithm. You can't use RAR though because the format is protected by legal means (can't remember if it's licensing or patenting that protects it but I believe it is licensing) – Billy ONeal Oct 5 '10 at 2:05

SharpZipLib is usually my default fallback for .NET compression.

You could also try the 7-Zip SDK (which includes C# bindings). It might provide a better compression ratio than SharpZipLib.

  • Note that the 7Zip SDK requires the 7zip DLL to function, IIRC. – Billy ONeal Oct 5 '10 at 2:06
  • @Billy - You can include it as an item in your project to make sure the DLL gets copied to your project's bin directory. – Justin Niessner Oct 5 '10 at 2:25
  • Yes -- just pointing that out. Not all of us are in scenarios where it is possible to use a DLL. – Billy ONeal Oct 5 '10 at 13:27

After looking through a variety of options I have found SevenZipSharp the best and easiest way to get generate RAR files from my application.


I think GZipStream only allows you to compress/decompress one single file. If you want to compress a set of files/directory, you could use DotNetZip.


I am not sure the compression rate. But DotNetZip products a standard ZIP file.


I have to put in a note for ZipStorer -- it can also unzip standard ZIP files [I do not know about zip64 or other extensions] :-)

I used it because it is small (~6 KB compiled with just the extraction making it far smaller than DotNetZip which is more than 150 KB) and is more permissive than SharpZipLib. It also has a really small, simple and clean code-base. However, if you do want the features of the others (gzip, bzip2, encryption, "better" compression, self-extracting, etc.) then you already know where to look.

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