I have enum:

enum NewProgramDetails: String {
    case Description = "Description", ToMode = "To Mode", From = "From", To = "To", Days = "Days"

    static let allValues = [Description, ToMode, From, To, Days]

I want to use this enum to display in my cell depend on indexPath:

cell.textLabel.text = NewProgramDetails.ToMode

error: Cannot assign value of type 'ViewController.NewProgramDetails' to type 'String?'

How can I use enum values to assign it to label text as a string?


Use the rawValue of the enum:

cell.textLabel.text = NewProgramDetails.ToMode.rawValue

In swift 3, you can use this

var enumValue = Customer.Physics
var str = String(describing: enumValue)
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    Doesn't work for live values, apparently. Like avplayeritem.status. – Jonny Mar 27 '17 at 6:29

Other than using rawValue,

NewProgramDetails.ToMode.rawValue // "To Mode"

you can also call String.init to get the enum value's string representation:


This will return "ToMode", which can be a little bit different from the rawValue you assigned. But if you are lazy enough to not assign raw values, this String.init method can be used!

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