While I'm using VS2010 to create crystal report, add a sub report, when I have link up 2 report by master table field. The crystal report in sub report will auto create the parameter field inside.

While I come back to vs2010, and write the below code

SqlCommand _cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT ID, STUDENTNAME, AGE FROM CLASSMASTER", _Cnn);
SqlDataReader _reader = _cmd.ExecuteReader();
DataTable _dt1 = new DataTable();
_cmd = null;
_reader = null;

_reader = _cmd.ExecuteReader();
DataTable _dt2 = new DataTable();
ReportDocument _Report = new ReportDocument();
string _report = @"reports\classreport.rpt";

crv.ReportSource = _Report; // crv is report viewer control

The report viewer always prompt for ask input value of that parameter field. But when I go to vs2010 report design to preview, it is no problem, how to prevent this prompt?

Thanks for your help.

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