I'd like to implement a Windows application which clones/pulls my remote git repository via dumb HTTP(clone and pull only).
To achieve this, I decided to put Git portable binaries in my application package, and my application will execute git.exe as a child process for 'git clone' or 'git pull' commands.
But the size of Git portable binaries from the official download site('https://git-scm.com/download/win') is over 200 MB, too large for my application.

Is it inevitable to execute any git command?
Or, can I extract a minimum set of binaries files, e.g., git.exe and some dlls, especially for clone and pull only?

P.S. libgit2 is not an option for me because it works with smart HTTP only, NOT with dumb HTTP.


Probably your case is the one which would benefit from libgit2

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  • I had also tried libgit2 at first, but it doesn't run with dumb HTTP . could you please share any other library with me, if available? – ALittleDiff Jul 29 '16 at 7:24

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