I have www.domainname.com, origin.domainname.com pointing to the same codebase. Is there a way, I can prevent all urls of basename origin.domainname.com from getting indexed.

Is there some rule in robot.txt to do it. Both the urls are pointing to the same folder. Also, I tried redirecting origin.domainname.com to www.domainname.com in htaccess file but it doesnt seem to work..

If anyone who has had a similar kind of problem and can help, I shall be grateful.



You can rewrite robots.txt to an other file (let's name this 'robots_no.txt' containing:

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /

(source: http://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html)

The .htaccess file would look like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.example.com$
RewriteRule ^robots.txt$ robots_no.txt

Use customized robots.txt for each (sub)domain:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.example.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^sub.example.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.example.org$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.org$
# Rewrites the above (sub)domains <domain> to robots_<domain>.txt
# example.org -> robots_example.org.txt
RewriteRule ^robots.txt$ robots_${HTTP_HOST}.txt [L]
# in all other cases, use default 'robots.txt'
RewriteRule ^robots.txt$ - [L]

Instead of asking search engines to block all pages on for pages other than www.example.com, you can use <link rel="canonical"> too.

If http://example.com/page.html and http://example.org/~example/page.html both point to http://www.example.com/page.html, put the next tag in the <head>:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/page.html">

See also Googles article about rel="canonical"

  • Lekensteyn, that looks good. However, I had a small doubt. Is it possible to allocate different robot.txt files based on url. Haven't been able to locate such a rule. If you could point me to such tuts, it would be helpful..thanks.. – Loveleen Kaur Oct 6 '10 at 3:49
  • What did you mean by 'based on url'? If you meant 'domain', look at the above example. Rewrite guide: httpd.apache.org/docs/current/rewrite/rewrite_intro.html. An other way to achieve different robots.txt for each domain is by using a serverscript, PHP for example. – Lekensteyn Oct 6 '10 at 7:21
  • @Lekensteyn It's ok for domain but How can prevent folder using .htaccess (Without robots.txt)? – Nullpointer Jun 30 '16 at 9:15
  • @RaviG. Could you rephrase that and create a new question? It's unclear what you are asking for. Did you mean "How to prevent search engines from indexing folders such as /admin/?" – Lekensteyn Jun 30 '16 at 10:30
  • @Lekensteyn It's my mistake and slimier que. ; Can I prevent indexing using .htaccess only (Without robots.txt file) ? – Nullpointer Jun 30 '16 at 10:37

Just for .htaccess:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} AltaVista [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} Googlebot [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} msnbot [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} Slurp
RewriteRule ^.*$ "http\:\/\/htmlremix\.com" [R=301,L]

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