I have spend more than 4 hours trying to figure out how I can do this. I use Leaflet and Leaflet Draw in order to draw news features on my map.

Now I want to be able to edit features of an existing WFS layer (coming from geoserver).

I have searched a lot all around internet and I can not find a clear example of how to make my WFS layer editable.

This is what I do based on the example from here:

// intialize the drawItems and add it to the map 
var drawnItems = new L.FeatureGroup();
// initialize the controls  (only editing) and add it to the map
var drawControl = new L.Control.Draw({
          draw: {
              position: 'topleft'
          edit: {
              featureGroup: drawnItems,
              edit: true

url_string = "thats my url"
// make wfs request and add the layer in the drawItems 
var geojson = $.ajax({
          type: "GET",
          dataType: "json",
          url: url_string,
          success: function (response) {

The layer is displayed on the map. But when I click the edit button (of the leaflet draw plugin) I get a:

      Cannot read property 'enable' of undefined

What am I doing wrong? Please advise! If I follow the example in the link I provided it works. But the guy there he uses data inline with his code. I need to use the layer from the WFS request.



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