I am using translate.instant and making a string concatenation like that

var variable = this.$translate.instant('project.discount') + " % " + this.$translate.instant('project.applied_to') + " " +this.office;

how can I do that inside one $translate.instant as string interpolation instead of concatenation


  • Concatenation working fine and there is no problem with it but want to do it with interpolation just to make it more elegant that's all Commented Jul 27, 2016 at 16:24

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I think what you want is

var variable = this.$translate.instant('project.discountAndAppliedTo', {office: this.office});


  "project.discountAndAppliedTo": "discount % applied to {{office}}"

Or something like that, with the key point being your interpolation variable name in {{}} in the translated value.

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