Suppose I have composite array for creating a view map. And I want to query all object with the same first key. So I use ?startKey=["someKey"]

But what is the highest endKey I could use?

I may use &endKey=["someKey",{}]. But will {} be larger than { someOtherKey:{} } ?

If not then what can I use?

  • The quick answer is: no, {any: 'object'} will be larger than {}, but it is difficult to imagine a use case for putting objects in view keys. – fiatjaf Aug 5 '16 at 23:26

While using {} was recommended for the longest time, (it was even what I understood until researching for this answer) there is actually a new definitive "highest value".

According to the latest documentation, you should use a string like "\ufff0". This unicode character should find itself at the high end of any pattern for views.

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