I'm using Amazon S3 as photos storage & constantly getting error "RequestTimeout: Your socket connection to the server was not read from or written to within the timeout period. Idle connections will be closed."

Here the code:

function(source, name, callback) {
  var awsUtils = this;
  fs.stat(source, function(err, file_info) {
    var bodyStream = fs.createReadStream(source);
    var params = {
        Key           : name,
        ContentLength : file_info.size,
        Body          : bodyStream
    awsUtils.s3bucket.putObject(params, function (err, data) {
      if(err) {
        console.error('AWSDriverUtils-unable to upload: ' + err);
      } else {
        console.log('AWSDriverUtils-upload success:', data);

The upload image file is small, about 44.0 KB only. As my research, I have found someone says "Amazon S3 will send that error response after 20 seconds of inactivity. The error indicates that Amazon S3 was attempting to read the request body, but no new data arrived over a period of 20 seconds."
What else should I do to fix it, likes a flush() function or so?
I have tried to comment out ContentLength in params, neither work.

  • I am having a problem passing an image file to Node JS so I could upload it to AWS S3. Can you please share your code so it'll help me solve my problem. I have also posted my question here. stackoverflow.com/questions/38621876/… – Illep Jul 28 '16 at 8:12
  • Hi, I receive an image from mobile apps which has decoded image file into base64 string, therefore the receiving step in server is very straightforward. Like this: var decodedImage = new Buffer(req.body.base64Image, 'base64'); – Vinh.TV Jul 29 '16 at 2:12
  • Can you show me how you pass it from your front end (HTML/JQuery code) ? – Illep Jul 29 '16 at 3:50
  • no idea, as I said I send from mobile apps & don't have to deal with your problem. – Vinh.TV Jul 29 '16 at 4:36

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