I need to target the Android JellyBean (4.3) platform for a project. Having Xamarin Forms installed, I download the 4.3 SDK, create a new Xamarin Forms PCL project. Right-click the .Droid project and set Compile, Minimum and Target Android versions to Android 4.3 (API Level 18 - Jelly Bean). Hit build and get this compilation error:

Error 1 No resource identifier found for attribute 'touchscreenBlocksFocus' in package 'android' E:\Users\Toby\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\M3SLM10\TestM3\M3slm10\M3slm10\M3slm10.Droid\obj\Debug\resourcecache\2FCCE52AFB6F854A55FA951FA3C83F6E\res\layout\abc_screen_toolbar.xml 28 M3slm10.Droid

How do I resolve this error?

  • When I remove the line causing the error and hit rebuild, I end up with more errors - even in places that don't appear to be in my project - .java files, etc, etc.... – Toby Kolk Jul 28 '16 at 8:54

You should only be setting your Minimum SDK to API 18. Your Compile SDK or TargetFramework should be set to the latest API installed (API 23). That way any resources can be compiled for Xamarin.Forms.

There's a great resource on this here:


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