I have generated my keystore file according to the Android Studio directions. When I tried to sign it using jarsigner, I ran into an error. I thought I could just skip this step and use my keystore file to generate an android build, but when I search for it, it isn't in the jdk bin where I created it. I tried to manually enter the keystore, but the build failed.

Error produced: BUILD FAILED C:\Eclipse451Mars64Workspace\App\build.xml:469: The file C:\Eclipse451Mars64Workspace\App\dist\App.jar exceeds 50MB in size! Please reduce the size of the project for faster builds and better performing apps.

Total time: 9 seconds


You should use the Codename One tooling for keystore generation just right click the project and select Codename One -> CodenameOne Settings.

Then click "Android Certificate Generator".

  • Ok so I think i'm a little confused. I have a keystore generated now, but I'm still getting a build failure when I try to send my app to the build server. I thought I was getting this error because I was missing a keystore. – kamilah carlisle Aug 3 '16 at 19:53
  • Press edit below your question and paste the full build error – Shai Almog Aug 4 '16 at 4:31

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