After converting my project to swift 3, I get the following Value of type 'String' has no member 'stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet' error on the first line within this block:

extension UIColor {
    convenience init (hex:String) {
        var cString:String = hex.stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet(NSCharacterSet.whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet()).uppercased() // error appears on this line

        if (cString.hasPrefix("#")) {
            cString = (cString as NSString).substring(from: 1)

        let rString = (cString as NSString).substring(to: 2)
        let gString = ((cString as NSString).substring(from: 2) as NSString).substring(to: 2)
        let bString = ((cString as NSString).substring(from: 4) as NSString).substring(to: 2)

        var r:CUnsignedInt = 0, g:CUnsignedInt = 0, b:CUnsignedInt = 0;
        Scanner(string: rString).scanHexInt32(&r)
        Scanner(string: gString).scanHexInt32(&g)
        Scanner(string: bString).scanHexInt32(&b)

        self.init(red: CGFloat(r) / 255.0, green: CGFloat(g) / 255.0, blue: CGFloat(b) / 255.0, alpha: CGFloat(1))

I'm guessing the error derives from a change in syntax with 'stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet' .. what is the correction for this?

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    You should be asking yourself why you can't discover the answer on your own.
    – matt
    Commented Jul 28, 2016 at 18:58
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    Have you tried typing in hex.trim and seeing what the auto-complete finds for you? Or looking at the "Apply API Guidelines to the Standard Library" evolution proposal?
    – Hamish
    Commented Jul 28, 2016 at 18:58

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The new syntax is like this:

var cString = hex.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet.whitespacesAndNewlines).uppercased()

As a suggestion, you don't need to specify that cString is a String, as this is assumed with the value you are assigning to it.


You can try this as well.

let trimmedString = hex.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet.whitespaces)

Read the Swift 3 documentation; the new Swift 3 API is:

func trimmingCharacters(in set: CharacterSet) -> String



And for an Int and Float how can I code it ?

    private var currentTotal_passengers: Int = 0 {
    didSet {
        currentTotal_passengers = currentTotal_passengers.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet .whitespacesAndNewlines)
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