I am new to Roku & Brightscript programming. I want to play music in the background while showing photos from my album in the thumb drive.

I found this awesome project on Github which plays Slideshows. Trying to figure out a way to play music in background. I tried to plug in the audio player into the code.. audio doesn't play.

Here is code addition to the above Github project Newslideshow method I added:

   ns.Initialize = init
   ns.Show       = show_screen
   ns.EventLoop  = event_loop

   ns.PlayMusic = play_music  '<-- wired music player

   ns.Draw    = slideshow_draw
   ns.DrawAll = slideshow_drawall

Player Code:

Function show_screen() As Void
   m.Screen = CreateObject("roScreen", True)
   m.Compositor.SetDrawTo(m.Screen, m.ScrBkgClr)


   m.PlayMusic() '<--Added handler


End Function

Function play_music() as Void
    print "music"

    m.AudioPlayer = CreateObject("roAudioPlayer")    

    song = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
    song.url = "http://lobbytv.azurewebsites.net/api/music/01.mp3/"

End Function

Any help is appreciated.


Most likely, it cannot resolve stream format. Try setting it:

song.streamFormat = "mp3"
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  • this works.. couldn't have guessed this.. as it worked without this when running just music. Thanks a Lot.... – Bhuvan Jul 29 '16 at 15:49

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