I use:

  • wampserver
  • laravel 5
  • bootstrap v3.3.6

I'm new in laravel, I usually use a manual route::get. Now I try to use route:resource to make things faster but somehow those two display different result even though it's should be showing the same page.

My routes code:

Route::get('create', 'PostController@create');

SS as you can see above, it's directing to the same controller

PostController@create code:

public function create()
    $data['title'] = ' | Create Post';
    return view('posts.create',$data);

When I go to blog.dev/create (which is from route::get). It's successfully displaying: SS 2

BUT, when I go to blog.dev/posts/create (which is from route::resource). It's showing a css-less page: SS 3

Why is that happen? any way to fix it? (I prefer not to use route::get)


  • I've tried different browsers, clear cookies&cache and restarting wamp
  • Both have exactly the same code in view page source from browser.

It seems to be issue with css file paths. Your css paths are relative.

make your css file path to be absolute.

Read this:-




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