i am trying to send an email from my application. The code run successfully with out error. But it do not send the email. It show this message on Console.

You are not currently sending out real email. 
If you have sendmail installed you can use it by using the 
server with --enable_sendmail

The sample code provided by the google is:

message = mail.EmailMessage(
                    subject="Your account has been approved")

message.to = "ABC <shahzebakram@hotmail.com>"
message.body = """Dear Albert:
Your example.com account has been approved.  You can now visit
http://www.example.com/ and sign in using your Google Account to
access new features.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
The example.com Team

That's because the dev_appserver by default doesn't send out real mails.

Email sending will work when you push to a live server, for eg:

appcfg update /path/to/app/

But like the error message points out, you'll have to use the --enable_sendmail flag if you have sendmail installed on your system or use smtp flags, for eg:

dev_appserver /path/to/app/ --enable_sendmail=yes

or another eg using gmail as smtp provider

dev_appserver /path/to/app --smtp_host=smtp.gmail.com --smtp_port=465 \
--smtp_user=user@gmail.com --smtp_password=password 

More explanation here: https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/python/mail/

Mail and the development server

The development server can be configured to send email messages directly from your computer when you test a feature of your app that sends messages. You can configure the development server to use an SMTP server of your choice. Alternatively, you can tell the development server to use Sendmail, if Sendmail is installed on your computer and set up for sending email.

If you do not configure an SMTP server or enable Sendmail, when your app calls the Mail service, the development server will log the contents of the message. The message will not actually be sent.

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