The Overflow menu is very narrow. It's not even an inch wide, for a screen that's more than two inches. I would think it would try to size itself to accommodate the text and icons of the the menu commands, but it seems to be a fixed size, and I need it to be a bit wider. Is there a way to force it to resize itself for the menus? Or is there a way to set its size?


Besides setting padding and font size to the commands style there is another hidden behavior in the overflow menu.

The overflow menu is built on top of List which is a bad decision based on legacy code. Because of that sizing the list width is usually done thru the rendering prototype object which isn't accessible unless you inherit Toolbar.

This code:

Form f = new Form("AAAA", BoxLayout.y()); 

f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("a"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi a", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaa"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi aaa", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaaaa"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi aaaaa", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaaaaaa"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi aaaaaaa", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaaaaaaaa"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi aaaaaaaaa", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaaaaaaaaaa"));
f.getToolbar().addMaterialCommandToOverflowMenu("Hi aaaaaaaaaaa", FontImage.MATERIAL_3D_ROTATION, e -> Log.p("aaaaaaaaaaaaa"));


Produces this:

enter image description here

Notice the menu grows until the 5th element where is stops. That's because list by default checks the first 5 elements only for preferred size when we don't have a rendering prototype.

The right solution is to throw away the list and use a proper container which will improve a bunch of other things in the Toolbar but this requires some work.

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