i want to convert my python and kivy files into signed and unsigned apk. i work on windows but for compiling using python for android in ubuntu in vm ware. After installing all necessary modules like kivy, python for android and android studio.

when i am compiling it's showing error that sdk not found. is there any option for generating apk in windows or ubuntu or linux. i also heard about buildozer and it also works on windows. please suggest me something on it i'm new to kivy. thanks 1

  • Follow @jilgeza's instructions about buildozer, but I'll also note that you must use Linux or OS X for this, not Windows. – inclement Jul 31 '16 at 0:02

I suggest using buildozer instead of p4a - the buildozer uses it internally. It can also automatically download specified android sdk for you.

Install it using pip: sudo pip install buildozer

Once you have it installed, go to your project directory and type:

buildozer init
# edit the buildozer.spec, then
buildozer android_new debug deploy run

Find more info on the github.


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