I have a full .NET Framework project (*.csproj) with EF Core data access.

How can I have migrations enabled for EF Core in Non-.NET-Core projects (ASP.NET MVC5)?

I get the following error:

dotnet : No executable found matching command "dotnet-ef"
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    You need to install the tools which contains the ef command: Install-Package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools –Pre – Bassam Alugili Jul 31 '16 at 20:11
  • They are already installed – Mohsen Afshin Aug 1 '16 at 3:22
  • and you have also in your project.json "Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools": { "version": "1.0.0-preview1-final", "imports": [ "portable-net45+win8+dnxcore50", "portable-net45+win8" ] } ? if you have it also then it seem to be something wrong with your path or .net version nr. – Bassam Alugili Aug 1 '16 at 6:51
  • @BassamAlugili, you didn't read the question carefully. There's no project.json, the project file is a *.csproj with packages in packages.config – Mohsen Afshin Aug 1 '16 at 6:55
  • ^^ sorry I have forget that and the Tag .Net core confusing the reader. In your case should be in your packages.config something like that : <package id="Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools" version="1.0.0-preview2-final" targetFramework="net461" developmentDependency="true" /> This issue is closed on GitHub and one of the comments they have try it with 4.5 and they have the same problem :github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework/issues/4797 – Bassam Alugili Aug 1 '16 at 7:19

The 1.0.0-preview2 and 1.0.0-preview1 releases of EF Core Tools don't work on csproj projects, only project.json. Use the Package Manager Console commands instead. See https://docs.efproject.net/en/latest/miscellaneous/cli/powershell.html

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  • Add-Migration then fails with "This command may fail unless both the targeted project and startup project are ASP.NET Core or .NET Core projects." – user764754 Nov 9 '16 at 11:27

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