So I have a service that has to make some long computation every time user makes an REST API call. Right now a http handler pushes some data to a table in RethinkDB and a background job uses changefeed to fetch the data and make computations.

Data: { id: RethinkDB's UUID, payload: ... }

Now I want to:

  • Make the background process run in parallel on several machines
  • Use fancy ReQL to dispatch different tasks to different machines
  • Avoid duplicating computations

One idea I have is to:

  1. Give each process a separate process_id (1,2,3..)
  2. Map Data's ID to a number (num_id)
  3. Use Changefeed in each process and wait for data where num_id % max_process_id is process_id

Does anybody have a better idea?

Is there any canonical way to automatically dispatch changefeed query into several machines?


I think the idea you described sounds like a good way to do it. Changefeeds don't have any built-in way to dispatch to multiple workers like that.

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