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Suppose I have one file input.txt in which the data is written each in new line like



I have written one shell script which will read the file content line by line and then create the folder with the name written in the file and .As I need to do some other action on the basis of content read from the file also ,so I put if condition.

while read -r line
if [[$line=="JAVA"]];then
cd /tmp/Repo
mkdir $line
*some copy command*
if [[$line=="PERL"]];then
cd /tmp/Repo
mkdir $line
*some copy command*
done < input.txt

But I am getting the below error as mentioned:-

./files.sh: line 4: [[JAVA==JAVA]]: command not found

./files.sh: line 4: [[PERL==JAVA]]: command not found

Can anyone please help me in debugging the shell script what should be the correct syntax .

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  • [[ is a command. Like every other command, it needs to be separated from its arguments with spaces. – Charles Duffy Aug 1 '16 at 21:59
  • You need to put in some whitespace so bash can tell which tokens are what: if [ $line == "JAVA" ] – Juan Tomas Aug 1 '16 at 21:59
  • @JuanTomas, if using [ rather than [[, then you need quotes, and should be using = rather than ==, thus if [ "$line" = "JAVA" ]. – Charles Duffy Aug 1 '16 at 22:00
  • 1
    @JuanTomas, see pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/test.html re: = vs == (you'll note that the POSIX standard only specifies the former). – Charles Duffy Aug 1 '16 at 22:00
  • Thanks Charles, I'll have a look at that. I only ever used [ before. The == is just some cruft from using a lot of other languages. – Juan Tomas Aug 1 '16 at 22:02


if [[ $line = JAVA ]]; then


# need to quote all expansions if using [ ] rather than [[ ]]
if [ "$line" = JAVA ]; then

BTW, consider using a case statement instead of mucking around with if/else at all::

case $line in
  JAVA) ...java-handling code here... ;;
  PERL) ...perl-handling code here... ;;

There are other errors in this script as well; please see http://shellcheck.net/ for a full report.

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