I downloaded it from here.

enter image description here

gives me error:
enter image description here

Error Log:

Output folder: C:\Users\Info 7\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud SDK Downloading Google Cloud SDK core. Extracting Google Cloud SDK core. Create Google Cloud SDK bat file: C:\Users\Info 7\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud SDK\cloud_env.bat Installing components. Welcome to the Google Cloud SDK! ERROR: (gcloud.components.update) Failed to fetch component listing from server. Check your network settings and try again. This will install all the core command line tools necessary for working with the Google Cloud Platform. Failed to install.

  • Are you still experiencing this issue? if so, are you behind a proxy? Are you restricting access to some ports in your firewall? Did you try installing it as Administrator? – George Oct 24 '16 at 21:56

I had this issue tonight, and I was able to get by the error message by performing the following:

  1. Install Python 2.7
  2. Add Python install directory to PATH (my case: c:\Python27)
  3. Add System Variable CLOUDSDK_PYTHON to be python.exe in the Python install directory (my case: c:\Python27\python.exe)
  4. Install Google Cloud SDK

I had set the environment variable HTTPS_PROXY and forgotten about it. I just had to remove it to get this to work.

I guess you may have the opposite issue if you're behind a proxy so make sure you set it (or maybe HTTP_PROXY) to configure it.

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