I don't know where to start, if there is any similar question like mine I would be happy to get some idea! Basically the question says it all, Here is what I would like:

I have a simple dropdown menu. When a selection is made in that drop down menu, a php mysql query is ran where the database will be updated with that value. I have all the pieces, all I need is the code that would be able to kick it all off.

For instance when you hit submit on a form you would typically type out:

if (isset($_POST['submit']))

//grab information and insert into db


How would I do this for a drop down selection without having to click the submit button.

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you should be looking for something like this

<form id="testform">
<select id="yourselect" name="yourselect" onChange="updateDb()">
 <option value="somevalue">Please select</option>
 <option value="somevalue1">Something</option>

you Javascript function will look like this

function updateDb() {
// I am using jquery for ajax
 $.post("yourserverhandle.php", $("#testform").serialize());

and this is how your "yourserverhandle.php" looks like

$query = "update yourtable set something='".mysql_escape_string($_POST["yourselect"])."' where id='something'";
.... mysql connect, execute

Make an ajax call on drop down change like:

    // ajax call
  • Did not work, nothing happens when I make a selection in the drop down menu. – Jason Aug 2 '16 at 11:52

Use jquery/javascript onchange event to perform any type of action on the drop down list. use as follows:

 $.post('code url',{paramenters to be stored},function(data){

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